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Willing to share ideas and expertise

Preparing files for the press is a complex process. Whether your project is a simple, two-color business card or a multi-page, full-color annual report, our prepress experts will examine every job to ensure the files are quality checked and properly prepared for press.

The prepress department puts their experience, technology and training to work from the start. They are trained to identify and correct potential problems before a file moves to press. And if a problem is detected they are quick to offer suggestions and solutions. Plus, they set a high priority on personal service. They have a strong understanding of client-side software programs used to generate files and are dedicated to helping you make your project a success. So, go ahead and ask. Have questions about your new software? Not sure how to get a drop shadow effect? Need a quick refresh in Photoshop 101? Prepress is ready to meet your needs.

Have you wondered what happens with your file after it’s uploaded to our site? Here’s the step-by step prepress process from beginning to end:

  1. Your project is first given a work order and a prepress technician locates your file on our server. Your files are copied to a computer work station, opened and checked against the specifications and work flow plan as indicated on the work order.
  2. Next the file is “preflighted” or checked to ensure all fonts, bleeds, support files, file formats and color space issues are in proper order.
  3. An imposition file is created. This includes a layout that acts as a template to properly position the pages of your file on the press sheet.
  4. Next your file is converted to a PDF (portable document format) file and transmitted to the RIP (raster imaging processor) where pages of your file are merged into the layout.
  5. Finally, the finished imposition file is submitted to a wide format printer. The printer generates a proof sheet that is composed exactly as it will appear on the printed press sheet. This proof sheet is checked for accuracy and finished (folded, stitched, and trimmed) and sent to you for review as an example of what your product will look like in its finished form.